money makes the mare to go

a 1500 in R. L. Greene Early English Carols (1935) 262 In the heyweyes [highways] ther joly [spirited] palfreys Yt [money] makyght to..praunce.

1573 J. SANFORDE Garden of Pleasure 105v Money makes the horsse to goe.

1670 J. RAY English Proverbs 122 It’s money makes the mare to go.

1748 RICHARDSON Clarissa IV. 187 A leading man in the House of Commons, is a very important character; because that house has the giving of money: And Money makes the mare to go.

1930 L. MEYNELL Mystery at Newton Ferry xiii. ’Tis money makes the mare go... They’re all after it, every one of them.

1978 Countryman Spring 193 Weardale farmer’s advice to daughter about to reject a proposal of marriage from a wealthy tradesman: ‘Never cock your snoop at money, my lass, ’cos it’s money that makes the mare to go.’

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